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Simple Process

Know who is doing what, how much work is left to finish and what you need to work on now. Blimp automates a process that enables that and a lot more.

Clear Goals

Split projects into goals and goals into tasks and assign tasks to your team in a heartbeat. Our goals functionality is fast, easy to understand and beautiful. Spend your time working.

Focused Discussions

Discuss ideas, ask questions and report your status all within our easy to use discussions feature. You can even participate via email and it will add your messages to the right project.

Email Compatibility

Everyone knows how to send an email. That's why with every project we create an email address you can use to send messages to the project's team and it's automatically saved.

Centralized Files

Keep track of file revisions with our easy to use versioned file sharing feature. Do you prefer to use Dropbox or Google Drive? No problem we have built-in support.

Detailed History

Need to know what happened ten days ago? Just go to the project history and scroll down. Every event in the project is logged and organized by date. No blind spots.

Private and Secure

All accounts user SSL-encrypted connections by default, the same level of security used by online banks. Your data us backed up daily and stored safely on the cloud.

Extensible Platform

Your data is yours so you should be able to use it in any way you like. With our extensive developer API you can build all the custom applications your team needs.

Simple Pricing

You can get started with our 7-day free trial and after that you can upgrade to our professional plan which is $5 per user per month.

What's different about Blimp?

Most project management systems are just a collection of tools that allow you to record your project information and that's it. Blimp is smart because it knows the process your team is using and that allows it to extract meaningful data from it. You can always do things your own way within Blimp but the more you use the process the smarter the app becomes.
The process

Be productive in no-time

Even though Blimp is easy to use and it has a very simple to understand interface, we want you to be as productive and fast as possible. That's why we made a bunch of tutorial videos that will guide you and help you get the most out of the software.


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